Monday, March 09, 2009

David Andersen Update

From DraftExpress (scroll down to final item in link to read this in context):
Following up on our article last week on players in Europe whose rights are held by NBA teams, we should mention that David Anderson [sic] in fact does have an NBA out in his contract this summer, and the word from Spain is he would be very interested in playing in the NBA if given the opportunity. The only reason he is not playing in the NBA right now in fact is due to the fact that the Atlanta Hawks have shown little to no interest in his services, which is surprising to say the very least.
I'm no expert on translating European stats to predict NBA performance, but I suspect the guy scoring 9.6 PPG on 52.4 eFG% in 21 minutes a night for Barcelona might be a better use of a roster spot than either Solomon Jones or Randolph Morris to mention two young big men who will never get a chance to play significant minutes in Atlanta (and to cut Mario West a break for once).

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Matt said...

The Hawks organization is terrible from a personnel standpoint. Why pay 1 guy who might be able to help you when you can pay several who can't?

Although you might argue that he's getting a chance to play in Spain, when we all know he might never even see the floor with Woodson as the coach.