Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wherein Mike D'Antoni Validates Me

I wrote in my game recap:
Another point to D'Antoni last night as he got Mike Woodson to match him small for small. On a night when Atlanta missed so many shots* Woodson kept his best offensive rebounder** on the bench for all but 7:40. In that brief time, broken up over two stints, Pachulia managed an offensive rebound, two defensive rebounds, four free throw attempts, and an assist.
Dime's Andrew Katz reports from the Knicks' locker room:
There’s a monster white board in the Knicks locker room - it wasn’t used in quite the same way last year under Isiah’s reign - which always has Mike D’Antoni’s most important keys to the game written in big, colorful letters.

When we walked in for pre-game interviews last night, there were a couple of one-liners that caught our eyes. The first of which was a little diagram of the painted area with “No Joe” written in there. More on that in a second.

Number two was “Bibby is struggling - keep him there.” And number three was, “As funny as it sounds - don’t let Pachulia make an impact.”
Emphasis mine.


witcherchris said...

Lagree, how did you get into writing a Hawks blog? Chris Witcher

Bret LaGree said...

Free time and nervous energy. Lots of both.