Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March 4th Links


Jason Walker said...

Once again, an AJC headline writer takes a Hawks article's reasonable premise (Marvin Williams is blossoming into a really good NBA player.) and burdens it with a ridiculous first impression (Williams ahead of his (draft) class). Sekou Smith deserves better.

Between these shenanigans and the unruly editing that goes on without writer input, why do talented writers like Sekou write for newspapers anymore?

Bret LaGree said...

Is anyone voluntarily entering the job market right now? I'm confident whenever the AJC becomes untenable someone will snap Sekou up post haste.

Bronnt said...

Brian Anderson was doing pretty well until he listed Marvin at 6'10, 260.

1) It's a stretch to list him at 6'9, 240, which the Hawk's official website has him listed. He measured at 6'8.25" WITH shoes on draft day.

2) Also odd that he and Josh are listed at the exact same height and weight. He's still so much leaner than Josh.

3) His resulting assumption that centers would attempt to guard him is probably based on the erroneous belief in Marvin's height. How often do we see opposing centers trying to guard Marvin?