Thursday, March 05, 2009

Josh Smith's Blocked Shots Per 100 Team Possessions, 2008-09 (through 3/4/09)

New graph.

NOTE: I've been reminded that I don't always remember to mention that you should click on the graph to make it larger and more legible. Apologies.

The line is slowly moving up, one hopes this indicative of improved health. Unlike his years-long and steady decline as an offensive rebounder, Josh Smith has always blocked a lot of shots, with the exception of the first 25 games or so after he returned from his high ankle sprain.

I can't for the life of me conceive how a nagging injury below the waist could so adversely effect his free throw shooting or defensive rebounding but I'm open to any theories.

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JMar said...

When I first saw this graph of Josh's BS per game, I thought it might be upside down.