Saturday, January 01, 2011

Joe Johnson Has Shot Worse Post-Surgery

Joe Johnson's 2010-11 shooting and scoring before and after elbow surgery:

Joe JohnsonPts/1002PTFG%3PTFG%eFG%TS%

To put Johnson's combination of poor shooting and shot volume in perspective, there are four shooting guards playing 20 minutes a game and posting a lower TS% than Joe Johnson so far this season: John Salmons, Evan Turner, Corey Brewer, and Rasual Butler. There are no shooting guards playing 20 minutes a game, posting a lower TS% than Joe Johnson, and a usage rate higher than 19.9 (Salmons). Joe Johnson's usage rate is 24.2, ninth-highest among shooting guards.

To Johnson's credit, his assist rate has spiked upon his return despite his poor shoooting, and should stay high as long as the Hawks continue to feature him in the half-court offense and opponents continue to to double-team the team's least efficient scorer.

Joe JohnsonA/100

NOTE: "x/100" denotes the stat rate per 100 on court possessions

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Aaron said...

It's gonna rank as one of the worst re-signings in the history of the NBA, and even Joe knows it.