Friday, January 21, 2011 Atlanta Hawks Mid-Season Report Card

The Hawks' first-half earns an overall grade of "B" from, with their highest mark coming for their defense and their lowest mark coming for coaching. Shaun Powell summarizes:
The Hawks are a team that won in Utah by 23 and lost to the Pistons by 23. Their true identity swings between those extremes. They're solid some nights, soft on other nights. They didn't make any major off-season changes, besides the coach, and therefore no reason to expect the final outcome will be much different, either.

They're built to win 45-50 games, not to beat the Big Four in the East in the playoffs.


Unknown said...

What I want to know is has Shaun Powell even watched a Hawks game this season?

With statements that the lineup and the rotations are no different than last year it makes you wonder. Without even taking into account starting Jason Collins, the Hawks have been forced into line up changes out of necessity because of injury.

He needs to go write about a team that he actually watches occasionally.

Bret LaGree said...

At least he didn't call them "young and athletic," I guess.