Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hawks 91 Pistons 85




Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
DET 80.7
40.6 18.8
23.4 3.7
ATL 80.7 1.128 52.7

The extreme low-possession nature of the game and the drop-off in scoring between the first half and the second made it look like a defensive struggle. The four factors suggest otherwise. I suspect both teams were frustrated with their offensive performances and for understandable reasons, not least of which their combining for a 28-point, 9-38 shooting fourth quarter. Between their accurate shooting and dominance of the offensive glass (in the absence of Ben Wallace and Jason Maxiell) the Hawks were pretty much unstoppable when not turning the ball over. Detroit struggled to make shots but, because they almost literally never turned the ball over, they got enough shots up to keep pace with the Hawks.

With the probable exception of Al Horford and the possible exception of Jamal Crawford, I'm not sure anyone's reputation came out of this game more improved amongst Hawks fans than did Joe Johnson's as they witnessed more evidence that the team's difficulties scoring in the fourth quarter are larger than the veteran swingman's proclivities.

More than a third of Atlanta's fourth quarter points came as a result of difficult shots (on from a Mo Evans isolation, the other a running hook from Josh Smith after he put his head down and the ball on the floor) that Horford rebounded then immediately found Jamal Crawford for open three-point shots. Crawford knocked both down. Those shots, created by Horford, accounted for six of Crawford's ten* fourth quarter points. Crawford made just one of his other five fourth quarter field goal attempts.

*Two more came about due to Detroit fouling intentionally in the final half-minute.

Iso-Joe is not caused by Joe Johnson he is just the most frequent manifestation of the half-court offense's lack of imagination and/or movement.


Unknown said...

You know, writing one positive article about the Hawks would be an OK thing, too. I love the analytical and well-reasoned recaps as much as anyone, but as a fan, it's nice to have a team blogger "sometimes" cheer us fans up and raise our hopes a bit as we enter the playoffs. Just saying.

Bret LaGree said...

Countering my failings with a positive and specific observation of your own in the comments would be an OK thing, too. Probably would be downright welcome.

Unknown said...

Roger that, Bret. I'll try and keep you on your toes, as best I can.

rbubp said...

It's also the lack of effective creativity with the personnel, too. Josh has no right hand; Al has no left hand and no left side of his entire body, apparently. Marvin doesn't play aggressively despite his versatility; Crawford guns when his team needs his playmaking and ability to get to the line. Not a good mix.

Joe Johnson, on the other hand, can get to any spot on the floor (like Crawford) and actually make whatever shot he takes, so the defense cannot rely on taking away his first best option or force the ball out of his hands.

But he has his other flaws, as well know...sigh.