Monday, April 05, 2010

FanHouse: Tomasson: Johnson Re-Signing Could Hinge Upon Whether Woodson Returns to Hawks

Johnson said in an interview with FanHouse that whether Woodson returns to Atlanta will play a role in whether he re-signs.

"Of course," Johnson said. "That will be one of the factors. (Woodson) was one of the main reasons why I came here (signing as a free agent in 2005). Me and him stayed and talked for a while before I signed. So we'll see. I surely hope him and his coaching staff will be back. Those are guys that I'm very comfortable with and familiar with, and the system that they have us running right now, it's been successful. So hopefully we can keep our core right here."

Asked if it helps the chances of Johnson re-signing with Atlanta if Woodson remains, Johnson said, "Yeah, definitely. So we'll see what happens. Hopefully everything works out."
"He's done a great job this season. I'd love for him and the coaching staff to come back. Hopefully we can really, really make that happen. They have done so many good things for us this season. I've learned so much from him and he's the main reason that attracted me to come here. Hopefully, we'll keep him and all of the other guys around."


CRC said...

I'm not sure why Joe saying Woodson re-signing is a 'factor' means anything. There are probably a thousand 'factors.' He never even said if it was a positive or negative factor. For all we know Joe could have his mind made up that he is going to Chicago or NY and he is just trying to help his ole buddy Woody get paid.

Bret LaGree said...

Exactly. Getting this quote from Joe is not breaking news.

JMar said...

I'm willing to lose Joe Johnson if it also means losing Mike Woodson. I doubt that is the majority opinion, however.

Natural Neutral said...

He "learns" from how Woody lets him hog the ball down the stretch instead of using the much more reliable sharing of the ball for better shots.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense - Joe's #1 thing has always been usage, and Woodson gives him as much as he wants of that, even to the detriment of the team success.