Friday, April 30, 2010 Woodson Wants More Ball Movement

Actual headline.

Mike Woodson:
"If I call something, you’ve got to execute it. There were a few times plays were called, and we didn’t get to them because the ball stopped.

The first two games we sacrificed the ball. If the ball goes inside and they don’t double you, go play. If they don’t double, then kick the ball [out]. It’s simple."
I think lots of things about those six sentences...
  • I think the sentiments expressed are true.
  • I think Woodson is frustrated after three losses.
  • I think Woodson is frustrated that the rare, recent attention the Hawks have received is overwhelmingly focused on him being out-coached.
  • I think Scott Skiles has out-coached Woodson.
  • I also think the Bucks players have out-played their Hawk counterparts for most of the last three games.
  • I think actions speak louder than words.
  • I think the ball has been stopping fairly regularly for the better part of five years.
  • I think it's disingenuous to couch this as a new or unexpected problem that needs to be dealt with now.
  • I think this team is what it is.
  • I think the last time the Bucks regularly doubled hard in the post, Carlos Delfino was matched up against Josh Smith.
  • I think the Bucks will continue to show help but not double early (if at all) when Kurt Thomas has Al Horford or when Luc Richard Mbah a Moute has Josh Smith.
  • I think, given how long it takes the Hawks to get into their half-court sets and how little movement those sets have off the ball, the ball will stop in the post, or, should it get kicked out, it'll end up in the hands of a guard, isolated, who will work hard to take a jump shot.
  • I think offensive rebounding is going to be hugely important in Game 6.


Aaron said...
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The Casey said...

I'm just waiting for the punch line now. Somebody has to be behind this joke.

Bronnt said...

"If they don't double, go play. If they don't double, kick the ball out."

Freudian typo, or is this the kind of instruction that explains why our players are so confused?