Sunday, April 18, 2010

NBA Playbook: The Hawks Get Two Key Baskets In The 4th

Sebastian Pruiti breaks down two fourth quarter buckets, each of which extended the Hawks' lead to 10 points: Jamal Crawford's 30-footer and Al Horford's lone make of the second half.


Bronnt said...

It's amusing, to me at least, that the breakdown of a significant play invovles one pass, in which neither player who handled the ball moved even slightly. The only action was Joe Johnson trying to get open off of a backscreen.

Bronnt said...

I spoke too soon-that second play is an even greater jewel of describing the Hawks' offense. They isolate Horford in the post and then move everyone to the opposite side of the floor where he has his back to them. And there's even praise for this tactic. Yes, theoretically, it would free open a shooter to double team, but far away from Horford on the opposite side of the floor with his back to them, how would he find a passing lane?

This is Mike Woodson's limited offense-isolate the player whom you'd like to take the shot. This is even worse than a JJ Iso because it's so easy to get into a bad position on the post, and the only outlets are positioned directly behind you.