Monday, March 01, 2010

TrueHoop: Hollinger: Heath Concern For Hawks

John Hollinger, while making it hard for a semi-professional to get some mainland burn, ably addresses Jamal Crawford's shoulder injury:
He suffered a partial left shoulder separation just before the All-Star break and has tried to play through it, but the impact on his shooting stroke has been clear.

Crawford, the Hawks’ second-leading scorer and the league’s likely Sixth Man Award winner, was 3-for-14 last night and went without a field goal against Minnesota two games earlier. In seven games since the injury he’s 26-of-84 (31.0 percent) from the field and is just 10-of-39 on 3-pointers.

Perhaps more insidious is that he’s become a more reluctant shooter -- Crawford took 17.7 field-goal attempts per 40 minutes pre-injury but only 14.5 since -- leaving Atlanta even more dependent on the “iso-Joe” offense.
Iso-Joe has gone nova.

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JMar said...

I wish I knew what the fix was so that I could hate Woody for ignoring it. Give him a couple of weeks off? Lighten his nightly load? Or does he just have to play through it until it heals on its own?