Friday, March 12, 2010

Sergiy Gladyr Update

In Part 25 of a ?-Part series chronicling where they are now, ShamSports briefs us on Sergiy Gladyr's season thus far:
After being drafted by the Atlanta Hawks this summer, Gladyr left the Ukraine for the first time and moved to the ACB to play with Suzuki Manresa (formerly known as Ricoh Manresa). Manresa have an 11-13 record on the season, yet they're comfortably in the middle of the table, currently placing 10th out of 18 ACB teams. Gladyr is third on the team in scoring with a 9.9ppg average, alongside 2.1 rebounds, 3.6 fouls and no other significant statistics per game. For a shooter, though, he's not shooting too well, shooting only 32% from three point range. And given that he has attempted 135 three pointers compared to only 35 two points, that's not ideal. It is not an ideal first season in Spain for Gladyr; that said, for a 20 year old in the ACB, it's pretty good. Young players don't normally play much there.
Also featured in the post: Dion Glover.

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JMar said...

Did you see the note in the comments?

Just some stuff about Sergyi Gladyr's life in Spain. She's currently injured because he punched a hoarding during a game after missing a 3 pointer shot. Result: a broken hand. For a shooter like Gladyr, that sucked. I think he still have to be an extra month out.

He's also a tough defender, and made an amazing block to center Chris Moss some weeks ago. I'm sure you will find it in Youtube.
Besides of that, I had the chance to meet him personally in Manresa, and he doesn't think he has yet the level to play in the NBA, but it's convinced that he can do great things in Spain. He has the talent to do it, i'm sure.

And the people around him say he's a hard-working nice guy. It seems he's already adapted to Spain. Such a shame his injury!.