Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hoops Addict: Joe Smith Interview

Rashad Mobley asks, Joe Smith answers:
RM: This team always seems to be playing with loose with a lot energy. What is it about this team that allows everyone to play like that night after night?

JS: Well first of all, we have a lot of guys that believe and trust in each other. They like to have fun off the court, and we take it on the court, its all business. We can fight, yell, curse and do whatever on the court, and it rarely spills over into the locker room. I’ve been on teams where that hasn’t been the case but not here. And to be a successful team, you gotta be able to do that night in and night out.

RM: Talk a little about Al Horford. He’s been more consistent this year, he made the All-Star team, and he just seems to be getting more and more confident. What have you seen since you’ve been watching him up close and what have you done to help him out?

JS: He just gets better every year man. I watched him from afar in the past, and I was impressed. He has the footwork, the drive, the right attitude and he can still improve as a ball player. And to be playing with him now, and to see how hard he works on the court, off the court, in the weight room whatever, its fun to be around him and he keeps me feeling young. Plus like I said, he’s really trying to get better as a player, and I’m trying to help him out as much as I can with the knowledge I’ve gained.

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