Thursday, March 11, 2010 Robson: Ranking the Rookie Point Guards

Hawks-centric excerpt from the second page of the article:
10. Jeff Teague, Atlanta Hawks

The emergence of Sixth Man Award candidate Jamal Crawford as a capable reserve at both backcourt positions has severely cut into Teague's minutes, which peaked at 13.6 per game in December. The 21-year-old Wake Forest product is shooting 36.3 percent, including 22.7 percent from long range. Not even an impressive 6.2 assists/2.5 turnovers split per 36 minutes can atone for that many misses. Like the other players on this list, Teague has potential and time to shore up his weaknesses. But don't expect much more than towel-waving from the sidelines from this rookie come playoff time.
Considering my track record w/r/t predictions, I hold close those that can reasonably be deemed accurate. I give myself extra points for demonstrating some atypical patience on the subject of Mr. Teague.

While I'm patting myself on the back, one more excerpt from Britt Robson's piece:
Flynn, the No. 6 pick, has been a disappointment. The conventional wisdom is that he's been hamstrung by coach Kurt Rambis' triangle offense, but the numbers don't back it up. Among rookie point guards, only Evans and Jennings have attempted more shots per minute than Flynn (yes, the deadeye Curry shoots less often) and Flynn leads all rookies in turnovers per minute -- triangle or not, he's hardly disengaged from those half-court sets.
No disappointment to me (post from 6.10.09):
I've already expressed my skepticism regarding Flynn but to reiterate and expand upon my doubts what we've got here is a smaller than average point guard who doesn't score at a high rate, lacks a reliable jump shot, has not been asked to nor demonstrated the ability to play defense, and is getting a lot of intangible credit for being the heart and soul of an overrated Syracuse team.
The "already" from that excerpt refers to this even earlier post in which I tout Darren Collison as a superior prospect to Flynn.

I was, briefly, on fire.

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