Monday, March 29, 2010

TrueHoop: Abbott: Who Cares About Divisions?

Henry Abbott on the first tie-breaker should the Hawks and Celtics finish the season with the same record:
Yesterday, during the ESPN broadcast of the Spurs at Celtics, there was talk about how if the Celtics and Hawks ended up with the same record, the Celtics would get the higher seed.

Even though they have lost every single time they have played the Hawks this season.

That's because the Celtics will win their division. You can see the NBA's tie-break rules here.

The reason the NBA made the rules this way is to give the divisions some meaning. To my mind, the NBA is right in assessing that divisions need all the help they can get in remaining relevant.

'Cause I'm not sure they matter at all.

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Bronnt said...

The good news is that the Hawks might actually be better off with the 4th seed than the 3rd seed. The bad news is that they might have to face Milwaukee in a 4/5 series and come out the way they have lately, like they've already mailed it in for the year.