Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Previews Roll In

Kelly Dwyer previews the Hawks for Ball Don't Lie:
Atlanta will be better in 2009-10, but so will the rest of the East. And though the team has no real major weakness save for possibly giving up too many offensive rebounds, the Hawks will struggle to keep up. Especially if they swoon again. Especially if the inconsistency sustains. This is an above-average team in all areas, but the Hawks rarely play like it. It's all peaks and valleys.

That isn't to say there isn't quality, there. I'm just not that enticed by the upside.
It's also Hawks day at Nets Are Scorching as Mark Ginochhio offers the latest position-by-position comparison of the Nets and an Eastern Conference foe.'s ever-popular "anonymous scout" feature on the Hawks is out and seems more accurate and informed than normal.

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Bronnt said...

That "more accurate an informed" SI preview still managed to largely miss the mark regarding Josh Smith. The first line is really off-putting "He seems to be more focused on making the spectacular dunk than on doing things that help the team win the game."

He recovers a bit to go on mentioning three point attempts and rebounding, but in the case of Josh Smith, the spectacular plays are are the greater part of his value-help defense (and he's often smart about blocking shots back into play rather than into the third row), transition defense, interior scoring, and pretty much anything else that lets him take advantage of his freakish vertical leap.