Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Baseline Sees All: Atlanta Hawks

Bethlehem Shoals provides catnip for the regular-season return of Hawk Str8Talk:
But—and this might just be a function of the Hawks glut of could-bes or the system they employ—I can't be the only person who feels like Horford can do more. He seems capable of some 20/10 output, maybe even becoming more of a defensive playmaker. I know, he already nearly averages a double-double and is perfectly admirable going the other way. However, you've seen it just as well as I have: employing a meaningless cliche only because sometimes it's all that makes sense, Horford looks like a special player frequently enough that you wonder. After his rookie year, I expected a major leap. He held steady, and things worked out, but I want a breakout.
There's good stuff about Josh Smith, Teague, and Zaza and reasonable doubts about Jamal Crawford in there as well.

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