Monday, October 05, 2009

Celtics Hub: Should We Fear Them: The Hawks

Zach Lowe provides a thorough* analysis** from an informed outsider's perspective.

*I'm still not comfortable with having become Flip Murray's most unlikely advocate so Zach makes me feel a little less lonely on that front.

**I expect the true impact of Jamal Crawford to fall somewhere between that suggested here and that suggested daily in the AJC. Am I the only that thinks that Jamal Crawford's training camp success could be attributed, in part, to his being guarded by Mike Bibby?

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Bronnt said...

It's not like the Hawks have even a decent defensive PG on the roster, so it's not just Bibby. Considering that Flip Murray was easily our best PG defender last year, it would worry me if JC wasn't going crazy in practice.

Of course, on the bright side, Crawford should play more against second units this season than he has across his past 5, so there's a chance we'll see some uptick in his efficiency.