Monday, October 05, 2009

Kids In Seats

Ticket sales are up 21% for the Hawks from this time last year. That's undoubtedly great news. The more the merrier and all that but, as real life intervenes, some of those tickets will be in danger of going unused. Should you, dear reader, find yourself in possession of tickets you can't use, may I humbly ask that you consider donating to Kids in Seats.

Click here for more information about how to make a tax-deductible donation to Kids in Seats.

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Unknown said...

I work for Kids In Seats and I wanted to say how grateful we am for Bret's help. His enthusiasm for helping others is contagious. I have been a long time reader of his blog and have always respected his ability to breakdown complicated issues in a straightforward and approachable manner. He's a good guy and a good writer and we are very thankful for his time and effort.