Friday, October 23, 2009

Hawks 92 Heat 87


More good shooting from the Hawks means a greater temptation to read something into pre-season stats. Jeff Teague's six point, four turnover, one assist performance should help reduce expectations on the rookie to their previous, realistic levels.

Erik Spoelstra doubled his efforts for quote of the night, calling the matchup "a meaningless pre-season game" and further opining:
"I'm not sure what we can take out of this game. I don't think it was played efficiently or well."
Perhaps pre-season makes one a bit stir crazy.

Real basketball starts Tuesday, the Hawks start the season on Wednesday but anyone who wants or needs a sneak peek is in luck: Hawks @ Magic on ESPN at 8pm (ET) tonight. If your Friday night plans preclude you from watching the game live, there's always ESPN360 if you have that option.

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