Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Thoughts on Real Training Camp

Check back in this space from 10am...
  • NBATV is on the ball this morning: Woodson, Bibby, and Josh Smith are mic'd up.
  • Promising sing: Rick Sund said, in diplomatic fashion, that Jason Collins was signed to give fouls against Shaq and Dwight Howard.
  • Even in drills, Joe Johnson has to guard a point guard.
  • Josh Smith would play hard every minute of every game if he got to play against Mike Woodson.
  • UCLA cut (video)
  • Josh Smith to Horford, mid-drill: "You gotta start doing bets like that, 'Bet it hit rim,' 'Bet it don't hit rim,' 'Bet it swish.'" And some say this team lacks a vocal leader.
  • Aaron Miles and Courtney Sims both want a job. They stand at attention directly in front of Woodson as he talks to the team.
  • Jason Collins can dunk in an empty gym. I would have lost that bet.
  • According to Eric Snow, Larry Brown doesn't believe in line drills and George Karl loves line drills. On that evidence, line drills are clearly useless.
  • Mike Wilks and Miles perked up at getting to pressure Mario West full-court.
  • If Randolph Morris makes the team, it won't be on the basis of his play in the half-court 5-on-5 portion of this morning's practice.
  • While Mo Evans ices his knees, Mario West plays with the second unit.
  • Garret Siler is significantly slower than Zaza Pachulia. Almost as soon as anything happens, Siler finds himself out of position.
  • Pachulia, in general, looks far better than any other reserve big men. Not that that should surprise.
  • Othello Hunter gets the power forward spot for the White team in Joe Smith's absence. Hunter gets two early buckets (one on a post-up, one off an offensive rebound) against Josh Smith.
  • Bad passes, 1-of-2 from the free throw line, indifferent ball-screens, looking good when he occasionally attacks the basket, complaining about calls he isn't getting...Josh Smith's in mid-season form.
  • Siler can get position in the low-post. His weight and free throw stroke appear to limit his effectiveness though.
  • Mike Woodson: "Get Mike out of there." Mike Bibby: "No, I'm not coming." Bibby stays in the scrimmage, his breathing disturbingly heavy and high in the mix.


Bronnt said...

Funny, Siler actually impressed me. It took me a while to figure out who the big guy in the red practice jersey was, as he blocked a couple of shots and came up with rebounds in some 5-on-5 work. He stood out enough to me that I had to track down some photos to figure out who that guy was.

Bret LaGree said...

At least I held out for two hours before I made an unnecessary judgment based on watching part of one practice on a computer.

Bronnt said...

It's both encouraging and discouraging that Hunter looks like the most skilled offensive big right now.

M said...

Josh Smith reminded me of Manny Ramirez today during down time: crazy talk (bets on whether it would hit rim or not), looking around aimlessly, daydreaming. I love the guy.

Bret LaGree said...

If someone told me that Josh Smith puts his head down and works hard every day in practice but was acting out because of the microphone and cameras today I would believe it.