Thursday, July 16, 2009

Researching The Mini-Camp Invitees

The current roster. Leo Lyons, Dionte Christmas, and Shawn Taggart are the most interesting invitees to me. Lyons, Christmas, Taggart, Garret Siler, and Yaroslav Korolev are playing/have played in the Las Vegas Summer League. Christmas also payed in the Orlando Pro Summer League.

Hawks Hold Their Rights
Jeff Teague
Sergiy Gladyr
Cenk Akyol (Euroleague, Turkish League)

Those With NBA Experience
John Lucas III (D-League stats, TAU Ceramica)
Chris Taft (The only reference to Chris Taft I could find since his 8 game stint in the D-League in 2008)
Yaroslav Korolev (Dynamo Moscow: #45)

Undrafted 2009 Draft Eligibles

Veteran Free Agents (No NBA Experience)
Corey Williams (D-League stats, 2007) aka Corey "Homicide" Williams (HT: @langwhitaker)
Ivan Harris (D-League stats, 2009)
Frank Robinson (Euroleague)
Sundiata Gaines (Serie A)


Bronnt said...

So the big question is whether we'll actually see any of these guys beyond this summer.

Bret LaGree said...

I'm curious how many of them will be there on Monday.

thirdfalcon said...

We are probably looking for a small forward, since right now we have Marvin and Mo playing that position and no one behind them.

We're probably looking for a 6th guard as well, and 1 or 2 big men depending on whether we sign one in free agency or not.

I'm sure they will sign whoever shows the most "hustle" that they don't have to pay more than the minimum.