Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cheap, Available Backup Power Forwards Who Might Be Useful

I don't think there's any doubt the Hawks have spent the lion's share of the money they're going to spend this summer, and, while the backcourt may be slightly over-subscribed I don't think anyone would complain were the Hawks to bring in a power forward to provide at least two out of the three following attributes: defense, rebounding, providing a viable alternative to playing Josh Smith on the nights the team needs a viable alternative to playing Josh Smith because Zaza Pachulia is, to Mike Woodson, a backup center rather than a third big man.

Ignoring, for now, the possibility that this fourth big man might arrive in exchange for the rights to Josh Childress, I present some free agent possibilities.

Suggestions (in alphabetical order)
  • David Andersen
  • James Augustine
  • Maceo Baston
  • Ike Diogu
  • Nick Fazekas (training camp invite)
  • Drew Gooden
  • Richard Hendrix (HT: Third Quarter Collapse)
  • Leon Powe (it would be like making a pre-emptive deadline deal to improve the team only cheaper)
  • Chris Wilcox
I think those are all within the realm of possibility and more likely than either Solomon Jones or Randolph Morris to contribute (positively) next season. Please discuss these candidates and/or suggest your own in the comments.


Jack Bender said...

I like Leon Powe in this role. His is limited offensively, but he will play his heart out, defend, and rebound. He likely will do everything the coaching staff tells him to do and be a Hawk fan favorite. I am still holding out hope that Brandon Bass might be an option with all the money the Mavs are spending. Probably too expensive for ASG.

rbubp said...

Are Brandon Bass and Glenn Davis taken at this point?

Bret LaGree said...

I left out Bass, Davis, and Channing Frye as all either seem poised to make more than the Hawks would spend or have been linked with a number of teams higher up the NBA food chain than the Hawks.

JMar said...

I'd sign Gooden just to keep from having to play against him. I have quite a few recollections of him having his way with J-Smoove.

Jack Bender said...

Not sure having your way with Smoove counts for much. I guess Powe is an injury concern. I've seen Bass linked to the Hornets which would be the home town signing. Sund has to be holding some money back in case Childress signs an offer sheet with someone on July 14th. Then, Hawks could match and do a sign and trade. I think you could get Frye for cheaper than Bass.

thirdfalcon said...

Would it piss you off more if Nick Fazekas never gets signed, or if we sign him and he never plays amidst reports he's in Woodson's "dog house?"

Bret LaGree said...

It's not something I'm concerned about as the Hawks prefer their reserve big guys who can't defend to be more athletic (Solomon Jones) or bigger (Randolph Morris) than Fazekas. It doesn't piss me off that Fazekas probably won't get 1000 minutes to prove himself able or unable to play in the NBA but I do think it's unfair to him and possibly a missed opportunity for some teams to a low-cost, medium-reward chance.

Jason Walker said...

Ike Diogu is a guy I can't put my finger on--why is a guy who seems to be a force on the glass not on the floor a whole lot? Is he a liability elsewhere? Is he on teams that don't need his skill set?

Oh, and Nick Fazekas might be a Jack Cust in waiting, Bret--keep the faith.

Bret LaGree said...

Cust might be the better athlete of the two.

Bret LaGree said...

And Diogu, ever since his promising rookie year, has been in bad situations for a guy with his defensive limitations (which extend to defensive rebounding), either behind better players (Indiana), behind young guys the organization is more invested in (Sacramento), or both (Portland).