Monday, July 27, 2009

John Schuhmann on Josh Smith's Performance in Vegas

John Schuhmann at
It wasn't a good camp for Smith, but he salvaged it a bit in the second half on Saturday, with some hustle plays, a huge block and a nice drive around Jeff Green. Still, he can't shoot, and that can't be ignored.
Didn't distinguish himself enough defensively, shot poorly and turned it over too much. Not a good 3 days.


Bronnt said...

"Still, he can't shoot, and that can't be ignored."

The only thing surprising is that people still have to actually say this.

Bret LaGree said...

Why wouldn't they? To many people Josh Smith is either "more of a small forward" or should be moved to the 3 after the Hawks acquire a (never-specified) "true center."

Jason Walker said...

...and his teammates encourage his participation in the shoot-a-thon.

rbubp said...

That's our Josh.

JDS said...

if he decides he doesn't want to be a 3 that's fine but why doesn't he actually develop into a 4? Learn a move or two, I think one of the reasons he keeps being mistaken for a 3 is because he doesn't seem to put on to much work in the weight room and also because of his horrendous outside shot selection. Anyways, I know it's asking too much but one can hope for some basketball development one of these summers.

Jason Walker said...


Smith did work last summer with Hakeem to improve his post moves, which worked somewhat well last year.

Problem is, the offense isn't geared to go through the post, therefore, the profilferation of jump shots from everyone in this offense.