Thursday, July 02, 2009

Your Annual Nick Fazekas Update

So now I lied yesterday, but this is big news: a Nick Fazekas (D-League) sighting. He'll be playing for Boston's summer league team* in Orlando next week. In addition to his professional numbers linked above, here's a reminder of why I liked Nick Fazekas coming out of Nevada:


Pts, A, TO, BS, S are per 100 individual possessions

I'll never understand how professional talent evaluators could have cumulatively decided that athletically limited college stars Adam Morrison and JJ Redick were lottery picks but Fazekas, who spent his last three years at Nevada scoring at a rate similar to Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, grabbing a quarter of possible defensive rebounds, blocking shots at a reasonable rate for a power forward, and improving his offensive rebounding was worth a second-round pick and, to date, just 269 NBA minutes.
Maybe college stats aren't important except for massively overcorrecting for vague perceptions of schedule strength.

*Hey, a Mike Sweetney sighting, too.


Unknown said...

I don't understand it, but your commitment to Nick Fazekas is to be commended. I have run out of ways to say - I can't say anything about what would help the Hawks until Woodson is no longer employed there, but your consistent Fazekas postings give me hope that I can continue to say something that maybe no one else hears.

I'll bring it back up if Acie Law plays presents himself as a competent backup point guard.

Bronnt said...

What's his status? Would adding him really be as easy as making him an offer? It seems to be he's a cheap way to upgrade the Hawks' bench, if anyone were interested in doing it.

Bret LaGree said...

No one has his NBA rights. He played in Belgium last year but I presume that was one-year deal or he can opt out of a multi-year deal since he's going to be over here playing the summer league.

I think Fazekas deserves a chance to fail. Were he to get one (or were the Hawks' bench to improve) I'd probably shut up about it. you dont' see me writing about Quincy Douby whose senior season at Rutgers was a masterpiece of volume and efficiency despite being the only scoring or shot creating option on a bad team in the best conference in the country that year.

jrauch said...

The questions I've always had with him was quality of competition.
Didn't he completely disappear in that one NCAA tourney the Wolfpack made with Fazekas (Fox's first out there I think)?
Its like my co-workers and fellow Hawks fans trying to get on board the Mark Bradley bandwagon with this 7'0" kid from Augusta, who averaged 16 points in 7 boards in DII. We've already got a version of him, he's named Randolph Morris, and he sucks.
I'll admit Fazekas never got a fair shake in Dallas or with the Clips, but if you can't stick you can't stick.