Friday, July 03, 2009

Pre-Holiday Links

Kevin Tatum of The Philadelphia Inquirer has "a source with knowledge of the situation" who says Mike Bibby wants to stay in Atlanta.

What could the Hawks want (or get) from Milwaukee in a hypothetical Josh Childress sign-and-trade? Charles F. Gardner of The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel opines:
It's unclear what assets the Hawks might be seeking from Milwaukee, but Hammond acquired two expiring contracts from San Antonio (Bruce Bowen and Kurt Thomas) in last week's trade that sent Richard Jefferson to the Spurs. The Bucks also have point guard Luke Ridnour's $6.4 million expiring contract.


rbubp said...

Kurt Thomas. That would be genuinely valuable.

thirdfalcon said...

Trading Childress for a contract would be pretty dumb imo. Why pay someone this year so we don't have to pay them next year, when we could just not match and not pay anyone.

Assuming they keep Sessions, I'd have to say trading Ridnour for Childress would be a smart move for the Bucks though. They would be paying Childress less than they would pay Ridnour, and useing that money on a better player that will most likely average 30+ minutes for them, instead of a backup that should play less than 20.

For us Ridnour would be a good backup, or a decent plan B if we can't resign Bibby.

However, that would be an pretty crowded backcourt if we do bring Bibby back, and since it's looking more and more like we will, I can't really say it would make sense to spend money on Ridnour that we really should be spending on a big man.

thirdfalcon said...

Kurt Thomas would be great, I can't imagine he wants to be in Milwaukee, and at least he'd be on a playoff team here.

I'm pretty mad I didn't think of this first.

thirdfalcon said...

Makes sense for the Bucks too, it would free up money to pay Sessions.

jrauch said...

Bring us Kurt Thomas and some more toughness off the bench.
Besides, with him a few other expiring contracts, we could spin that into another player for this team come deadline time in February.