Tuesday, July 07, 2009

AJC.com: Bradley: The biggest mission accomplished

Mark Bradley:
Mike Bibby was the key to this offseason. If he re-signed, the Hawks would be OK. He’s going to re-sign, and that means they’ll be more than OK. They’ll be really good.

Bibby was always going to be the toughest case. He made $15 million last season, and he has been a big name since he was a freshman at Arizona. He’s not the player he was in college or at Sacramento, but he’s ideal for what the Hawks do, which is play off Joe Johnson.

Bibby also represents the line of demarcation for the Hawks. Without him they were rudderless. With him they became a real team. To have gone so long without a point guard and to lose him now would have been a blow. But they kept him. They kept him and they added Jamal Crawford and Jeff Teague, and no matter what else happens this summer must already be deemed a success.


rbubp said...

While I am happy that the Hawks appear to be making steps to maintain where they are, I think Bradley's enthusiasm is sort of like the all the credit I constantly get for being a dedicated dad to my five-year-old: the bar is painfully low, and doing what should only be expected looks (delusionally) great.

rbubp said...

--that's a knock on the low bar society sets for dads, not me personally. Just so I'm clear. :)