Saturday, July 18, 2009

FanHouse: Povtak: Hawks Showing No Love For Childress

Money quote:
"Things were close, very close. Milwaukee would have been a great situation," Childress said Friday evening from Los Angeles during a conference call with reporters. "Coach (Scott) Skiles made it clear that he really wanted me to be part of his team. The whole coaching staff and managements really let me know I was wanted. They saw me as a big part of their future."

Although Childress liked what he heard during his visit earlier this month in Milwaukee, his restricted free agency still gave all the leverage to the Hawks. Without enough room under the salary cap to match his contract in Greece, the Bucks needed to do it with a sign-and-trade deal that included either Bruce Bowen or Kurt Thomas.

Charlotte also pushed hard for a deal with Childress, but they were only offering Raja Bell in return to Atlanta.


thirdfalcon said...

Good that's what they should be doing, although I can think of worse moves than bringing in Kurt Thomas.

rbubp said...

"My feeling is that if they wanted to get something done, we were more than willing,'' he said. "This idea of (playing) hardball is getting kind of old. I don't like playing that game.''

Awwww....poor widdle baby Josh. Maybe shouldn't have run away? Of course he was willing that the Hawks take any ol' shiite for him, and of course his market value is considerably lower. And the Hawks don't have any money now, so they cannot take on any more salary, because when he bolted last year they HAD to find other salaries to replace him.