Monday, July 06, 2009

Hawks Make Offer To Zaza Pachulia

Sekou Smith's twitter account keeps the blog from staying dark today:
Source: Hawks have presented their case to Zaza Pachulia & await his decision on a new deal. Stay tuned.
It's nine hours old but I'm confident there will be better days than this in the news regurgitation business.

EDIT: Also a bad day for punctuation and/or sytnax in post headers.


Bronnt said...

I was afraid this would be one of the many headlines we wouldn't see this offseason. Glad the Hawks aren't just letting him walk.

thirdfalcon said...

True dat Bronn, but so much of the frontcourt situation is cloudy right now.

Is Marvin coming back? Will David Anderson play for us? If he does can he crack double digits in PER? If so should we forget Zaza and go for a true Brian Grant type defensive specialist? Are we gonna get Bibby and Marvin cheap enough to pay 5 big men?

I wish things would happen fast enough so I wouldn't have to worry about these things.

bonitis said...

i can simplify your concerns a little, third.

"Will David Anderson play for us?"