Monday, May 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

Mike Woodson, as reported by Sekou Smith:
"Do we throw in the towel for Game 4? Hell, no, we shouldn’t do that. I’m going to push our guys to make sure they don’t throw in the towel."
I prefer to believe that Woodson's true feelings are not nearly as meek as a literal reading of these three sentences would suggest. With the caveat that we don't know what's said behind closed doors (But also with the competing caveat that the Hawks sure don't tend to emerge from the locker room fired up to begin either the first or third quarters.) this doesn't encourage one's faith that Woodson has the capability to say what needs to be said. The reasons for that (general lack of self-confidence, the specific fear of losing the locker room if he openly challenges the players, the simple inability to communicate (or not communicate) a thought clearly, etc.) I suspect we'll have plenty of time to speculate upon in the coming days.

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jrauch said...

This team's inability to execute offensively or defensively with any real consistency is, to me, the key reason this knucklehead shouldn't be the coach of the 2009-2010 Atlanta Hawks.

I really do believe he's been more or less a bystander in this team's organic maturation process (since, yanno, everybody on this team was basically 18 years old when he was hired) rather than accelerating and enhancing that process.