Thursday, May 21, 2009

19th Pick Prospect Analysis: Call For Candidates

The season review posts will be on hiatus through the holiday weekend, but I'll attempt to keep content at a low hum by starting an open thread for suggestions/requests about who all I should prepare to analyze thoroughly in anticipation of the draft.

I'm already working/planning to work on the following players:

PG: Nick Calathes, Darren Collison, Jonny Flynn, Jrue Holiday, Eric Maynor, Patty Mills, Jeff Teague

SG: Toney Douglas, Wayne Ellington, Marcus Thornton

SF: Chase Budinger, Austin Daye, Sam Young

PF: Tyler Hansbrough, James Johnson, Gani Lawal

C: BJ Mullens

The above assumes that Ty Lawson, DeJuan Blair, Terrence Williams, and Earl Clark will all be long gone by the time the Hawks pick. Let me know if you disagree with any or all of those assumptions.

Post-Lottery Mock Draft Links
Please point me to any other decent mocks you come across.


JMar said...

Would a trade involving our first rounder and Mike Conley Jr. (since the consensus second pick is Rubio) be too far-fetched?

jrauch said...

If they're keeping Woody, it'll likely need to be a PG who can shoot, like Bibby, to fit into the existing offense.
I don't see them draftingor trading for a drive/kick guy, like Law, because we see where he is in the Hawks pecking order.

I like Conley, but I'm afraid of how soon he'd end up in Woody's doghouse. Would be nice to pick up the two players the Hawks were torn over in that draft though.

Unknown said...

I'd say that you ought to reconsider DeJuan Blair - some mocks have him rated in the 20-25 range. I think that's crazy, but it would be worth your review. You can replace his with Tyler Hansborough b/c if we even bring him in for a workout - I'm SERIOUSLY going to consider which team I will begin cheering for and blogging about in 2009-2010.

Unknown said...

oh and we can stop saying - IF they are keeping woody, that's a done deal. So, we can start making assumptions on trades that include Acie Law IV and Craig Claxton's contract. That's all in play, I'm sure.

CoCo said...

Since Woody is the coach it doesn't matter who they choose. He's not going to play anyway.

Brad said...

The only guy on that "lock to be gone" list that I don't think is foregone is Lawson...based on how many PG's are available, it's a pretty fluid situation....and I love Mike Conley and any thought that the PG must be able to shoot like Bibby to fit in the "offense" makes me laugh since there is no offense to fit into...

rbubp said...

Oh, Brad, it's an offense, all right. Just depends which syllable you choose to emphasize.

jrauch said...

Woodson has a slashing point guard buried on the bench, and is in love with Bibby's ability to sit around 25 feet from the basket.

It may be offensive, but its the offense we've got under the genius who's steering the ship. I don't agree with it either, but it is what it is. Without a decent perimeter shooter at the PG spot, it starts to look even more one-dimensional.

I second the inclusion of DeJuan Blair, since most mocks have him in the 15-20 range.
What about Gerald Henderson from Duke, if you're trying to cover all your bases?

Bronnt said...

Is it a given that Ty Lawson is gone by the 19th pick? I've seen a few projections where he's going as low as 17th, to Philadelphia. It's probably too much to hope that we could get a PG who has both experience and upside, though.

rbubp said...

Lawson would seem to be an excellent replacement for Bibby. Lawson has a lot of the same attributes plus a few more, such as defensively, where he is a pest and is very good at playing the passing lanes. I'm sure he would be better than Bibs because of the quickness difference if still vulnerable to the post-up. Offensively, Lawson's a great late-game shooter and we all now about his drive- and dish- skills.

I would like to see the Hawks make some sort of deal around the draft; they now have three players they are not using in Claxton, Childress, and Andersen, in addition to two several expiring contracts in Marvin, Zaza, and Bibby. There are so many possible scenarios it makes the head hurt.

The good news is that I trust Rick Sund more than Billy Knight.

Bret LaGree said...

Note to self: Chad Ford has Brandon Jennings dropping as low as 17 and both DaJuan Summers and Demarre Carroll possibly getting into the first round.