Monday, May 04, 2009

Likely the Most Lorenzen Wright Intensive Playoff Article You'll Read This Month

Brian Windohorst in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
"I talk to those guys all the time," Wright said Sunday after the Cavs finished a night practice, waiting until their opponent was established before starting intense preparation.

"I was talking to them during the whole series when they were playing Miami. I'm very happy for them that they made it out of the first round; that was a goal of ours last season when we were trying to make the playoffs. I sent Coach Woodson a congratulations. But they're going to have to get ready for us now."


Though the Cavs have the Hawks heavily scouted, he has special knowledge of many players' preferences and personalities. Especially big men Al Horford, Josh Smith and Zaza Pachulia, whom he went against numerous times in practice.

"I've been talking to all my teammates, I know a lot about their big men and what they do down low," Wright said. "I played a lot with Josh and Zaza and Al and I know their games. I'll most definitely be giving some input."

The part he'll make public is what many see as the Hawks' primary strength and weakness. They have extreme athleticism, more than the Cavs, but they sometimes struggle in slowdown halfcourt situations at both ends.

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