Friday, May 08, 2009

Josh Smith Shot Selection Through Nine Playoff Games

Layups/dunks/tips: 34-46 (73.9%)
Intermediate*: 8-28 (28.6%)
Two-point jump shots: 7-37 (18.9%)
Three-point field goals: 2-14 (14.3%, eFG: 17.8%)

*Hook shots, turnaround jumpers in the post, non-layup runners...essentially shots neither taken at the rim nor as a spot-up jumper.


Nokio2102 said...

Josh Smith needs to Learn how to Shoot to be a great player, I think we need a better inside offensive presence, i'm thinking Chris Bosh, Joe and Chris together would be a real good Duo. I think that is what the hawks need to move forward and get better.

Nokio2102 said...
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Nokio2102 said...

Bibby for the right price should come back to atlanta, but i think they should draft a point guard to eventually replace bibby after his time with the Hawks is up. i'm thinking Eric Maner from VCU would be a good pick for Atlanta. he gives them a good change of pace, he reminds me of Rondo for the Celtics.

Nokio2102 said...

The Hawks also needs to find out what they are going to do with Acie Law too, he is a good player, he just needs aa chance to prove him self. he needs to play to atleast see what he can do or trade him and get something for him.