Friday, February 04, 2011

Updated Atlanta Hawks Splits Based on Opponent Record

As previously mentioned, the Memphis Grizzlies have joined the ranks of NBA teams above .500 and, in doing so, have, on the basis of the two victories the Hawks scored against the Grizzlies earlier this season, greatly improved how the Atlanta Hawks look when you break down their results into games against teams above .500 and games against teams below .500.

Overall efficiency numbers:

NamePaceOff EffDef EffDiff
all games90107.7105.4+2.3
over .50088.8102.8107-4.2
under .50090.7110.9104.5+6.4

The transfer of the shots against Memphis from the games against teams below .500 category to the games against teams above .500 category makes Atlanta's shot distribution almost exactly the same against opponents better and worse:

OppeFG% (inside 15')%FGA (inside 15')
over .50049.8%47.76%
under .50055.1%47.9%

OppeFG% (16+')%FGA (16+')
over .50047.9%52.24%
under .50049.4%52.1%

Shot location data courtesy of Hoopdata

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Unknown said...

I'll admit I chuckled when you first posted about Memphis going over .500. One could always pick a higher winning % to gauge how the Hawks do vs the elite teams. Say, .600. I don't think looking at how they do vs .600+ teams is going to make the team look any stronger as a title contender.