Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breaking Down Zaza Pachulia, the Sometimes Forgotten Center

Even more than Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia's on/off numbers this season are submarined by time spent on the court alongside Josh Powell.

Zaza PachuliaPossOffEffDefEffMargin
w/ Powell521100.8111.8-11
w/o Powell903103.8105.5-1.7

At this point in his career, Pachulia probably isn't a starting caliber center, the Hawks don't possess a ton of depth, and Marvin Williams and Al Horford have both missed time this season. Still, given the gift of a functional Jason Collins this season, it's likely that Larry Drew could/should have pieced together a post rotation that didn't include 490 minutes (so far) for Josh Powell.

Furthermore, since Pachulia appears far more engaged and productive when given regular minutes and because he and Al Horford are once again playing well alongside each other, I'll keep on agitating for more minutes for Pachulia. It's not as if keeping him on the fringe of the rotation is doing anything to increase his trade value or make his contract shrink.

Zaza PachuliaPossOffEffDefEffMargin
w/ Horford403103100.2+2.8
w/ Josh Smith382101.6104.4-2.8

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Unknown said...

Its an interesting point- you would think that with a descent sized, relatively new, contract, management would be pushing for zaza to get more minutes. Why allow Larry Drew to just bench money like that

Any word on trade possibilities?