Friday, February 18, 2011

All-Star Break Open Thread For Reader Feedback and Suggestions

Barring a transaction such as the Atlanta Hawks trading for Ramon Sessions (the most obvious idea from the Summer of 2009 but now more than twice as expensive), Hoopinion's going dark for All-Star weekend.

During this break, I'm inviting readers to provide both feedback and requests* concerning the content on the site. Soon, I'll be ending an extended period of underemployment and will have less time to dedicate to this project. I don't know exactly how the re-appropriation of my time will impact Hoopinion (prepare yourselves for trail and error) and, in thinking about that, I'm interested in what you find most vital and essential (as well as least vital and least essential) here.

*Either use the comment section of this post or send me an e-mail.

I do not expect to add contributors between now and then end of the season but, if you think you might want to contribute to Hoopinion in the future, either e-mail me (see italics above) or (recommended) start your own Hawks blog and send me the link. I make no promises about expanding the masthead but it's more likely a development than it was last month.

New content resumes Monday morning at the latest with a new edition of Josh Smith, Jump Shooter? and a look at the post-All-Star Game schedule. Plus any other good and manageable ideas you or I come up with between now and then.

Thanks for reading.


CR said...

Just don't cut the game reviews. Save time by cutting the previews.

Mitch McNeil said...

You're my go-to Hawks/NBA blog ... a discerning and divergent voice of dissent designed to dispell the drudgery of duplicitous voices - players/coaches/fans/reporters - braying incessantly about "energy" in place of descriptive analysis.

Just sayin.

The Murph said...

Just do what you do. It's solid.