Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breaking Down Jason Collins

Jason Collins has played almost half of his 469 minutes this season against teams ranked in the bottom third of the league in offensive efficiency. Larry Drew deserves credit for spotting Collins effectively and Collins deserves credit for serving as a useful obstacle to those poor teams scoring.

For much of the season, Collins has posted the best on/off numbers of any Atlanta Hawk (albeit always in limited minutes) and, just to be clear, those numbers aren't entirely down to playing Collins mostly against bad teams* and alongside both Al Horford and Josh Smith.

*The New Orleans is the only team in the bottom 12 of the league in offensive efficiency that has a winning record.

Jason CollinsPossOff EffDef EffMargin
w/ Smith & Horford512109.297.9+11.3
all other352105.695.7+9.9

Perhaps some explanation for Collins's excellent on/off stats stems from him sharing the court with Josh Powell (-10.9 per 100 on-court possessions this season) for just 4.46% of his possessions. This past post and one future post will show how other Hawks centers have not been so lucky.

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