Thursday, February 03, 2011

Quotes, Notes, and Links: Atlanta Hawks 100 Toronto Raptors 87



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Larry Drew:
"We played very unselfishly. The offense was there. The defense was non-existent in the fist half."
"I wanted to establish some type of rhythm with the rotations tonight. I wanted to keep a couple of the starters out there with three of the reserves. Tonight I was able to do it because we didn’t get into any kind of foul trouble. That’s pretty much what I’ve always tried to do but sometimes fouls and [injuries] dictate that."
Joe Johnson:
"I think everybody on the team understands if I am getting doubled and they are open I am going to make the extra pass. Tonight I was just trying to get into the teeth of the defense and when I got double teamed, I was just trying to find the open man."
Take note of perhaps the only time Toronto's defense will be described as toothsome.

Drew on Johnson fitting into the offense:
"He’s getting into a rhythm. I think we are doing a good job moving him around to different spots offensively. And I think our guys are reading defenses. We put him in the post and they play him on one side, we are getting the ball to him on the other."
Michael Cunningham:
[T]he Hawks really only played defense for short spurts and won only because the Raps couldn’t stop them.
At Raptors Republic, A-Dub allows Hawks fans to experience the shoe on the other foot:
What Atlanta does so well against the Raptors is that is fully takes advantage of the Raptors strategy to switch at every opportunity. Why not just put Calderon on Horford to start off with, because even the most harmless pick will produce the same matchup anyway? A big, usually Barganani, gets caught on the perimeter far too often and then the token double comes in and then it’s just a matter of making the right pass or two for Atlanta to get an open three. Don’t these guys know how to fight through screens?

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