Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stoudemire to Horford: "Welcome to New York"

Jonathan Abrams quoting Amar'e Stoudemire at Knicks practice on Tuesday talking about Al Horford and the January 28th meeting between the Hawks and the Knicks:
"He felt good. His team was winning. He had a couple baskets. He hit a couple jump shots. But he felt good. He felt like he was doing something. But welcome to New York."
Stoudemire's right. Horford was doing something in that game. He was grabbing 14 rebounds. He was earning six assists.

Stoudemire wasn't doing those things (He grabbed three rebounds and earned one assist.) but he was turning the ball over three times (Horford committed one turnover.), sitting out the last five minutes of the first half with three fouls, and needing nine more shots from the field and four more attempts from the line to score eight more points than Horford.

Al Horford utterly dominated Amar'e Stoudemire in that game and it's hard to believe that anyone took Stoudemire's post-game quote about Horford at face value:
"He needs to calm down. He’s not that type of player. He don’t want to see me any night, so he might as well relax and calm down."
Stoudemire wasn't talking about decorum after the game. Nor is he now. He was and is expressing frustration over getting beat, both individually and as a Knick.


M said...

damn.. well put.. hope Al does the same tonight to shut up Amar'e

Bronnt said...

I just dread what the post-game quotes are going to sound like if Horford ends up struggling because his back is injured. Any struggles he has will certainly have more to do with that than Amar'e Stoudemire.

Unknown said...

If there is only ONE thing about the entire Hawks organization that you really can NOT say, its that Al Horford is not a hardworking, beastly player. Because that man has the size of a power forward and made the all star team playing center. He competes as hard as anyone in the league... He honestly deseres a better coach, team, organization... I feel bad thats stuck in atl.

I really really hope he plays better than Stoudemire tonight.

And I truly would take Horford over Stoudemire if I was building a franchise

Xavier said...

@Andrew I agree with most of your comment except for the last sentence. Give me Stoudemire over Horford if I'm starting team today.

Unknown said...

If Horford were made into a 1st option, he would have nearly as many points, if not more points than Stoudemire. He's better defensively and has the perfect mindset for an NBA player. Horford over Stoudemire anyday