Monday, August 09, 2010

Some Stray Thoughts On Perspective

In what may be turning into a recurring feature here, a new post inspired by comments to a previous post.

While offline most of the weekend (but, as ever, thinking about the relevant issues), I'm currently wondering if a more disciplined approach to the relatively minor summertime day-to-day issues involving the Atlanta Hawks might result in a more appropriate and interesting tone of voice for the blog.

For example, with regard to the biggest issues facing the team in the 2010-11 season...
  • I don't know exactly what Larry Drew's offense will look like or which players will (and which players will not) benefit from it.
  • I don't know if implementing a less extreme and rigid defensive philosophy will mitigate the team's perimeter defensive shortcomings.
  • I don't know if Jeff Teague can play point guard in the NBA.
Because such vital questions are unresolved and likely to remain so for months, frustration over the lack of a clear, long-term approach to constructing a roster takes on a greater importance than it perhaps should, especially with regard to the short-term, on-court success of the team; a situation perhaps exacerbated by the long-term goals of this blog which themselves seem to necessitate, in the short-term, producing a certain (and consistent) volume of work about a very narrow subject. That's no excuse for sometimes confusing cleverness for substance or failing to write through equivocation to produce a nuanced thought. That it isn't easy is, I hope, as much an indication of the potential value of the work (within an admittedly narrow context) as my own limitations.

Either way, less overtly personal content will return shortly.

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