Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ESPN.com: Summer Forecast: Best and Worst Coaching Changes

More results of the voting by the panel of experts are revealed. This time the categories are best and worst coaching changes of the off-season. The Atlanta Hawks' decision to replace Mike Woodson with Larry Drew finished second* in the latter category.

The voting results are augmented by a few hundred words from me about the decision to hire Drew. My premise:
It's easy to understand skepticism over the Hawks' hiring of Larry Drew as their new head coach. As with any first-time head coach, Drew carries a certain burden of proof. But a larger share of the doubt appears to be cast upon (and reasonably so) those who made the decision and the degree to which they've presented Drew an opportunity to succeed.
Should you wish to read the whole thing...

The decision also got a vote as the best coaching change. In fact, every coaching change received votes in both categories.

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