Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poll: Who Should the Hawks Sign For the 13th Roster Spot?

Earlier today, I linked to the ShamSports post about available 2010-11 NBA free agents.

Michael Cunningham reports the Hawks have "some degree of interest" in Francisco Elson, Brian Skinner, and Josh Boone.

Those options are uninspiring enough for me to try to talk myself into Pape Sy filling the final roster spot.

What say you, dear reader? I've embedded a poll with 10 options for that final roster spot. Some reasonable, some fanciful, some all-too-plausible. If you don't feature any of the selections, mark it "other" and please specify your alternative in the comments.

Who Should the Hawks Sign For the 13th Roster Spot?
Josh Boone
Francisco Elson
Nick Fazekas
Trey Gilder
Randolph Morris
Garret Siler
Brian Skinner
Pape Sy
Kyle Weaver
Mario West
other (please specify) free polls


Bret LaGree said...

That I get home after work and see that my vote for Nick Fazekas was not the first makes me suspect that folks are not taking this entirely seriously.

Which isn't to say that each and every vote for Fazekas doesn't warm my cold, cold heart.

The Casey said...

And the 15 votes for Mario West didn't tip you off? I wanted to vote for Sy, but I don't think sitting on the end of the bench for a year would help his development.

Bronnt said...

I wish Gilder had gotten a few more votes, just on principle.

Eliot said...

I went with Fazekas 'cause I'm a WAC homer.

Unknown said...

Eric Dampier???

Bret LaGree said...

Not yet a free agent, Karibo.