Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ball Don't Lie: Dwyer: Small Forward Rankings

Kelly Dwyer's positional rankings continue with the small forwards (players ranked 11-20, player ranked 1-10).

Marvin Williams is ranked 21st:
There are some nights where Williams will play much better than those who are listed ahead of him in these particular rankings, but overall he just doesn't stand out. Doesn't do anything spectacularly nor poorly, and is quite replaceable. Just right in the middle of everything, a Milford Man through and through. Appreciate his production, though. And his taciturn tone.
Josh Childress is ranked 22nd:
This seems like a bit of a jump, and in a way it is, I guess. Childress hasn't played in the NBA for the last two years, preferring to spend his time with a team in Greece. Before then, he was merely an above-average small forward for the Hawks and now he's playing on a Suns team that is loaded (clearly, according to this list) with small forwards. So why this high? Because he's an efficient, sturdy scorer who can hit threes on the break, he'll defend and rebound well, and he turned only 27 two months ago.
I still dream of a world where they co-exist and complement each other.

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