Tuesday, August 31, 2010

D-League Digest: Grading Teams' Use of the D-League

Part four of a six-part series grading each NBA team on their use of the D-League, from Matt Hubert of D-League Digest.
Atlanta Hawks: 0.92 GPA
High Grade: D (RU)
Low Grade: F (THN)
Players Assigned: 3 (2 in last two years)
Players Called Up: 15 (1 in last two years)

THN’s Take (by Bret LaGree, Hoopinion): The Hawks get an F. They assigned Thomas Gardner and Othello Hunter to Anaheim for 1 and 3 games respectively in 2008. That’s the sum total of their recent involvement unless you count signing Mario West last season, which had more to do with his previous work with the Hawks than anything he did in his intervening time in the D-League.

Based on their actions I assume the Hawks have no interest in the league as a source of free agents or as a means to develop their own players.

Final Assessment: The Hawks’ usage of the D-League has been trending in the wrong direction. They had four call-ups in the 2002-03 season and three in 2003-04, but after two apiece during the 2004-05, 05-06, and 06-07 seasons, they’ve had just one in the past two seasons and haven’t been particularly active in terms of assignments either. The decision to call-up of Mario West shows the Hawks’ lack of investment in the D-League as most people believe there were better prospects available at the time.

Hey, at least the Hawks didn't get an incomplete.


mick said...

i know this has nothing to do with the post but is there any way to look up old nba contracs? I want to know how much speedy's was and how much alan henderson's was and so on?

Bret LaGree said...

Mick --

Check the bottom of their player pages at Basketball-Reference.com.