Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Off Night Links

  • Michael Cunningham reports that both Jamal Crawford and Zaza Pachulia practiced yesterday and expect to play tomorrow night in Los Angeles.
  • At Hardwood Paroxysm, Matt Moore approaches the four factors from a different(-ial) perspective than I did this morning, looking just at the Eastern Conference's playoff contenders (less the Milwaukee Bucks) in his post. Tantalizing excerpt:
    For those of you keeping track, that’s Atlanta 1, Four Factors 3.
  • At Basketball Free For All, Phil Londen makes the case for Mike Woodson as Coach of the Year:
    After playing for Woodson for over five years, Smith has turned the corner maturity-wise and just seems to “get it” (finally). He plays under control, has eliminated inefficient facets of his game and is playing the best basketball of his career, despite the blatant All-Star snub this year. You also never hear about locker room discord in Atlanta and the players have nothing to negative say about Coach Woodson’s as a coach.
  • Bill Simmons has posted his annual trade value list (Part 1, with Joe Johnson at #24; Part 2, with Josh Smith at #22 and Al Horford at #20). Once again, I didn't make it through the entire piece. I read enough unsuccessful attempts at humor and facile analysis before I hit "publish" to diminsh my tolerance for either from other writers.

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John Hudson Photography said...

just wanted to say thanks for doing the blog. I am an Atlanta native now living in Ohio. It's refreshing to finally see the Hawks return to relevancy in the last few years. The Braves fade out of the spotlight, and the Hawks/Falcons pick up the slack. Anyway, keep up the great blogging.