Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th Open Thread: Minnesota (14-44) @ Atlanta (35-20)

TIP-OFF: 7pm (EST)

: SportSouth

CHAT: Daily Dime Live
(in which I will not be able to participate)

RADIO: Hawks Radio Network, Audio League Pass

GAME NOTES: Hawks/Timberwolves


: None.


Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
MINN (off)
47.5 20
27.4 17
ATL (def)
89.4 1.079 49.9

Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
MINN (def)
51.9 28.7
26.1 15.5
ATL (off)
89.4 1.126 50.5

: Atlanta -12, 203 o/u

OTHER PERSPECTIVES: Howlin' T-Wolf, Canis Hoopus

PREVIOUSLY, THE MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES...beat the (Dwyane Wade-less) Heat 91-88 in Miami last night to break a six-game losing streak. The win coincided with (but probably not coincidental to) Kurt Rambis apparently remembering that reserve Kevin Love is a hell of a lot better than starter Ryan Hollins and giving Love more minutes than Hollins, a task which has been inexplicably difficult for Rambis recently.

The Hawks destroyed the Timberwolves 112-87 on December 22nd in Minnesota.

Consider this an open thread for all pre-game, in-game, and post-game (but pre-recap) thoughts.


Eric said...

I read Simmons' article today ( and couldn't help but think of the Hawks.

Here with have the 4th seeded team in the East, LYING to its fans that its a contender. Sure, we went 4-0 against Boston, but we are 0-5 against Cleveland and Orlando who are clearly the better teams. Even though we didn't have the nucleus to win a title pre-trade deadline, we failed to go after anyone. Why? Because ownership is cheap. It's the same reason we wouldn't sign Josh Childress to a reasonable deal two years ago or add anyone of note this offseason (by add I mean sign, we traded for Jamal). The Hawks organization is doing a disservice to its fans because at the end of the day, we all know the Hawks are not winning the championship. That's why attendance is sagging so bad this season. I'm done with this crap.

Unknown said...

Why aren't you on Dime Live tonight?

Anonymous said...

There are lots of things that ownership can be criticized for, but I think that saying that they are cheap is somewhat unfair. Just in the last few years they matched Smoove's $58 million offer sheet with Memphis, gave Williams an extension that could be worth more than $40 mil, paid Mike Bibby's corpse $18 million, gave Zaza a lucrative extension and took on an extra year of Crawford's contract paying him $10 mil when they could have just continued to collect Speedy's insurance payments and done nothing.

They've had more than enough opportunities to cut costs over the past 2-3 years, and have yet to really do so IMO. If anything, we're in better hands financially than at any time in recent franchise history despite what is happening in the courts with the ownership.

The fact that you say that "attendance is sagging this season" and that you "are done with this crap" makes me wonder how long you've been a Hawks fan since a) Phillips is as full as It's ever been on a regular basis and b) it seems strange to suffer through seasons with 50+ losses and only now give up on the team when they are respectable and growing.

Unknown said...

I am 22 years old and have been going to Hawks games since I was two. This is the most exciting time in recent hawks history since Steve Smith, Mookie Blaylock and Mutumbo. However, I completely understand what Eric is saying. With these Hawks its completely a love/hate relationship.
After the Golden State game I promised my roommate I wouldn't waste another two hours watching this team with SUCH potential play the worst basketball in the NBA...but of course the next night they win in Utah, sooooo I watched again last night when they played the wolves. The wolves game was not impressive so I am again pissed.

And the attendance at Phillips may be better but its still soooo sad. And just because ownership is paying people does not mean they are paying the right people...Bibby and Marvin please come out and play basketball soon!!

Bret LaGree said...


Other demands on my time prevented me from watching the game live.

Eric said...

apizzabagel - I'm 27 and I have been a fan since the age of 10. The first game I went to was Nets vs. Hawks where Kenny Anderson, Derrick Coleman, Kevin Willis and Jon Koncak took the court. So I have been a fan for a long time.

The attendance at Phillips for a city the size of Atlanta is terrible. There's no point arguing that because its the truth. I'm not necessarily blaming the fans though because tickets are expensive.

What I will say is this. The Hawks were only a piece away from truly contending this season at the trade deadline. They didn't even attempt to make a move. Flags fly over but the Hawks didn't make an attempt to win this thing this year. Lebron is likely going to be in the Eastern Conference for years to come, so this was as good a time as any to try and win.

Also, I disagree with anyone (and I'm not trying to say this is you) who tries to argue that because we have been through so many losing years that we should be grateful the Hawks are doing better. The Hawks should have never let it get so bad for so long; I'm happy they are doing better, but unless you are competing to win championships, its all meaningless.