Thursday, February 04, 2010

Season-Long Theme: Rebounding

Previously: 11/9/09

Here's the game-by-game season average (i.e. the season average at the end of each game) offensive rebound rates for the Hawks and their opponents for games 1 through 48.

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That's not an encouraging trend.

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rbubp said...

Two thoughts I also left at Peachtree Hoops:
1. The increase in opp OR rate could be from playing more zone, I have to guess in an effort to hide Bibby and Crawford. As I first noticed this in the Thunder game--the Hawks played zone the whole second half because no one could keep Westbrook in front of them--and I missed the Clippers game, I cannot say if an increase in zone D is an actual trend or happened only in one game.

2. The decrease in Hawks' OR rate could be from the starters wearing down a bit, as they have played more minutes recently and are now back at #1 in the league in minutes played.

Hoping you will confirm, deny, or offer additional information, Hawks fans and experts.