Monday, February 08, 2010

FanHouse: Moore: Joe Johnson and the Ambiguous All-Star Duo

There's arguably no one in the NBA blogosphere more interested in Joe Johnson than Hardwood Paroxysm's and Pro Basketball Talk's and FanHouse's Matt Moore. He's got a typically sound assessment of a quote from Johnson's interview with the Chicago Tribune following Friday night's win over the Bulls:
In an interview with the Chicago Tribune after the Hawks' win over the Bulls Friday, Johnson talked about his situation coming up in July. Naturally he said all the things you'd expect, about him not thinking about July, concentrating on this season and this Hawks team's chances in the playoffs (which look better each day), and how he'll look at it when the time comes. But specifically in consideration of the possibility of a superhero-team-up, Johnson had this to say:
"It's possible for a team to do that, but that's nothing I think about when I think about my decision,"
It's a pretty innocuous comment, so forgive me for reading into it. But Johnson's intentions should be considered as every team approaches the trade deadline with movable pieces, debating between salary dumps and player upgrades. Johnson not being involved in talks about teaming up with a superstar not only impacts future planning, but also provides some insight into Johnson himself.

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