Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hawks Players (Sort of) in the Playoffs

Euroleague quarterfinals start this afternoon. Josh Childress will be on display as Olympiacos host Real Madrid (watch the game live from 3:45pm on ESPN360) and David Andersen is the home team's second-leading scorer as Barcelona host Tau Ceramica.

Are these the assets that make the Hawks better?


Unknown said...

I thought Childress was injured?

Bret LaGree said...

He was, but now he's back.

rbubp said...

David Andersen...better than Solomon Jones? We may never know. Wouldn't want to mess with the "chemistry"!

I'd bet $100 that Woody doesn't want new players in the mix...he might have to find playing time and do some actual coaching.

JMar said...

I keep wondering if David Andersen will be our poor man's Zaza next season. I know I wouldn't come back if I were Zaza, especially w/o Bibby, and yet we probably can't (and shouldn't) sign the both of them.

Bronnt said...

JMar, he's probably more like a poor man's Okur with his ability to shoot, but the cap situation is not in the Hawks' favor this offseason. Hawks have to find an answer at PG, they need to figure out what to do with Zaza, and they need to retain the services of Marvin Williams. Flip Murray is also a restricted free agent, and he's been an important piece for us

jrauch said...

I think we'll see a lot of what the Hawks do this offseason through what Sund does in the draft.
My sense is he'll draft for whatever need he feels he can't address with resigning players/the free agent market.

If the he drafts big, expect ZaZa to be gone, same if they go small for a PG or other backcourt player.