Monday, November 22, 2010

Al Horford Second in the League in PER, Third in EWA

Even a 10-10 night from the field wasn't enough for Pau Gasol to surpass Al Horford in PER. Horford's 2010-11 performance trails only Chris Paul.

Now, PER is an efficiency stat so it may overrate Horford as neither his playing time nor his usage rate is typical of a contending league-best player. To that end, John Hollinger has another stat, EWA (Estimated Wins Added). By that measure, Horford has only been the (joint) third-best player in the league, providing production equal to LeBron James (16% of the way into the season) despite playing 85% of the minutes James plays and posting a usage rate more than one-third lower.

Consider this today's attempt at emphasizing how well Al Horford is playing.


jrauch said...

And yet we'd rather throw $120 million at an aging shooting guard, rather than finding pieces for a guy who's developing into one of the league's best.

Lenymo said...

Yeah it would be nice if Johnson could find his rhythm. Unfortunately it looks like LD has some coaching eccentricity's of his own re: Horford. At least he's laying off on the Josh Powell.